Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo showed his favor for Palestine Nation. Ronaldo Didn’t  Exchange Jersey with Israeli Player, In a World Cup Qualifying Round’s match Cristiano didn’t exchange his T-Shirt with an Israeli Players. According to media reports, Cristiano refused to switch T-Shirt with Israeli footballers to record his protest against Israeli Brutality in Palestine.

Ronaldo Didn’t Exchange Jersey with Israeli Player
This is not the first time when 28 years old player showed his respect and love for Palestine Nation who is suffering from many decades. In 2011, Ronaldo sold his shoes to get donation for Real Madrid Foundation, organization build schools in 66 countries including Palestine. In November 2012, he donated Golden Boots worth 1.5 Euro,.

his video is spreading massively on internet. The Video shows that how boldly he took this decision. This On other hand, only few leading media channels reported this news.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not tweeted or commented on his last day action in which he refused T-shirt exchange but some reliable media reports confirmed this news. On other hand, some critics said that Cristiano did wrong and it showed his hate against Israel.

Here is The Video (Embed from YouTube)

Ronaldo Didn’t Exchange Jersey with Israeli Player.

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    Hoax, he didn’t say anything.

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    Palestine wants to destroy Israel just like that and I hope that stuiped cristiano ronaldo will understand that

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    hate you suckers ass country

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    Im not from Israel or Palestine but I’d do the same as CR7.. Israel is inhumane

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    israhell has murdered over 500 kids last summer , off course they wana destroy israhell, who wouldnt

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    Duh, it’s not a World Cup qualifier. It’s Euro 2016. And he didn’t refuse.