Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most reputed players in the world today. He is the wealthiest athlete, and he is among the best. He is the player with the highest number of Ballon d’Or awards along with Leo Messi. But, he is only the 49th most valuable player of the top five leagues of Europe! He has a value of €80.4 million, if the latest study conducted by CIES’ Football Observatory is to be believed.

CIES calls Cristiano Ronaldo 49th most valuable player of Europe

49th most valuable player
Cristiano Ronaldo is the 49th most valuable player

At the top of this rank is Neymar of Paris Saint-Germain, valued at €213 million. He is followed by Barcelona’s Lionel Messi with a value of €202.2 million. The player in the third place on this list is Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur with a €194.7 million valuation.

According to the report, these values have been calculated by using a set of key criteria such as international status, age, contract duration, position, performance, etc. The players in the Premier have taken up 5 places out of the top 10 on this list, with Spurs player Dele Alli in the sixth place, Manchester City player Kevin De Bruyne in the seventh place, and Manchester United pair Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba in the eighth and tenth places, respectively.

most valuable footballer CIES
CIES Published the list of most valuable footballer

This list is not too different at the top end of the system of ranking the Football Observatory, which was produced a year back. Seven places of the top ten, this year, were featured last year with Messi and Neymar maintaining their spots at the second and first places, respectively. Luis Suarez of Barca, and Eden Hazard from Chelsea have lost their place on the the top 10 but remain in the top 20.

Ronaldo has dropped from the seventh place of last year, to just fit into the top 50. And it is a noticeable drop. Last year, he had the valuation of €126.5 million. However, his age, 32, and his loss of league form during the 2017-18 season might have led to the drop of his valuation and position. Last year, he was one of the key players to help Real Madrid win the La Liga and Champions League titles.

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